The game of poker has increased in popularity over the recent years. This rise in popularity is largely due to the exposure that the game is betting. The increase in number of online poker sites, as well as the exposure of poker on television and in popular literature has piqued the interest of many individuals in poker. Aside from the exposure that the game is getting, another factor that attracts the interest of many is the cash prize that poker winners get.

In poker games, the play centers on the act of betting. There have been protocols and rules developed so that the game would be faster, with less confusion, and more security for the players. Different variants of poker are played using different kinds of bets. There may be small variations on the rules from one poker room to another, so its best to get some information and read the rules first, especially when playing online.

Betting limits

There are several types of poker game limits. These limits refer to the amount that players may raise or open. These limits include no limit, pot limit, fixed limit, and spread limit. All these games require a minimum bet and have set maximum bets. There is also a betting unit, which happens to be the smallest betting denomination that players can make their bets. For instance, a game with a $50 betting limit may have a minimum betting unit of $5, so that players will all make bets that are at least in intervals of $5. Many games also have a bring-in, which is typically less than the minimum amount for other bets.

No limit

Poker games with a no limit betting structure gives every player the chance to make a raise by any amount up to the entire remaining stake. These games usually have minimum opening bets, and the raises often have to be at least equal to the amount of the last raise.

Pot limit

Pot limit poker games allow players to raise amounts up to the equivalent of what is contained in the whole pot before the raise. Most major tournaments make announcements regarding the maximum opening raise before betting limits are increased.

Fixed limit

In a fixed limit poker game, players choose whether they want to bet or not. The amount of the bet is fixed by rule. To allow the users to bluff, the fixed amount is usually doubled during the course of the game. This doubled amount is called as a big bet. Many fixed limit games do not allow players to have more than a specific number of raises within a betting round. The maximum number of raises is dependent on the rules of the poker site.

Spread limit

Spread limit poker games let players raise any amount, just as long as they stick within a certain, predetermined range. Those who play spread limit poker games should be careful about making raises, because these raises can be taken as tells by opponents. Novices often make the mistake of being too predictable by betting high when they've got a strong hand and betting low when they've got a weak one.