Alexandre Gomes

Poker player biography of Alexandre Gomes

A lawyer who played poker at home with friends soon realized that he can make more money a professional poker than being a partner at a law office in Curitiba, Brazil.

The friendly poker games at home soon turned into a professional career for Alexandre Gomes when he discovered online tournaments. Winning big money  plus the love of playing poker let Alexandre Gomes leave the law profession to go pro all the way.  After all, playing poker is about the thrill of winning, same with handling cases. It’s about confidence, taking chances and making decisions. As a game of luck and skill, poker poses a challenge to many poker players, including Gomes.

Alexandre Gomes and his winnings

The Brazilian player has been making cash finishes in PokerStars' biggest tournaments as early as 2007. One of his most significant wins came in February 2008 when he won $65,333 in PokerStars Wednesday Hundred Fifty Grand. Months later, he started playing in PokerStars Super Tuesday and claimed the 5th spot, winning $20,700.

Gomes made more appearances on the live poker scene in Brazil before he flew all the way to Las Vegas to play at the 2008 World Series of Poker (WSOP). Playing at the World Series of Poker is a dream of all poker players. It’s like making it to Hollywood if you are an actress or an actor. It's also similar to making it to Wimbledon if you are a tennis pro.

The only Brazilian and South American who made it to the World Series of Poker, Alexandre Gomes was among the 2,317 players who tried to make it to the final table at the $2,000 No Limit Hold'em event. It was Alexandre Gomes who finally emerged as the winner, picking up his first bracelet along with $770,540 in cash.

After his success on the final table, Gomes threw a big party in Brazil for his friends and fans who cheered for him with Brazil national flags on their hand while chanting words of support in their native Portuguese.

A WSOP bracelet not only brings high cash prizes but also the prestige of beating other pros on the table. With a winning track record at such a young age, Alexander Gomes is a successful poker player in his 20s.  Alexandre Gomes is a member of Team PokerStars Pro who plays in online tournaments with the screen name 'Allingomes'.

Alexandre Gomes and other activities

Alexandre Gomes plays soccer regularly with friends. He's also a big fan of his local team, Coritiba Foot Ball Club. Alexander Gomes actually hails from Curitiba, the seventh largest city of Brazil.

Tips from Alexandre Gomes

According to Alexandre Gomes, being a poker player is not easy. It entails preparation, which requires studying the mechanics of the card game so you'll be be highly skilled in using different tricks and techniques. Obviously, that's how this poker pro from Curitiba, Brazil became triumphant in his league. The Brazilian 2008 WSOP bracelet holder is still on his way to winning more.