William Thorson


Poker player biography of William Thorson

Only in his 20s, Swedish poker player William Thorson decided early that a degree in Economics may not be best for him. An Economics degree, you might say, could have landed William Thorson a job as an international economic analyst or a top executive in a business firm. Unfortunately, playing poker is in the heart and mind of young William. He then chose to go pro and is now one of the European players with notable wins.

William Thorson and his remarkable wins

With the help of his dad, William Thorson made a record at major poker events worldwide. Claiming the 42nd position in the 2005 World Poker Tour PokerStars Caribbean Adventure made him $13,000 richer. But most importantly, it led to a winning streak for the Swedish player. A distinct style of being aggressive and fearless poker player has placed William to where he is today.

One of his most significant wins comes the World Series of Poker (WSOP) $10,000 Championship Main Event in 2006, where he earned up to $907,128. Thorson almost made it to the final table, but was eliminated down to the 13th spot. That experience only pushed William Thorson to do better at the WSOP events the following year. The Swedish poker player then made it to the final table of the $5,000 Limit Hold’em event in 2007. He secured a 3rd place winning of $136,493.
William Thorson is just like other players; he had to make a good move at the right time. But what sets this Swedish poker player from others is his notable qualities of being cool and level headed. Thorson is also cautious, making him a calculated risk taker on the poker table.

William Thorson and other cash winnings

With the qualities of a good poker player, Thorson made remarkable cash wins.  In October 2006, he made it to 3rd place in the European Poker Tour (EPT) Dublin event, winning $232,340. He also made it to the final table the following season, finishing 6th with $216,946 in cash. The thrill of playing poker and taking on calculated moves led William to the 9th place finish at the Poker Stars Caribbean Adventure in January 2008, earning him $120,000.

Just a few months later, Thorson made another win. This time he claimed the 6th place at EPT San Remo €4,700 No Limit Hold’em. This earned him $222,127 in prize. As of 2008, Thorson's total live earning  amounts to more than $1,800,000.
William Thorson also plays online poker with the name “William”as a member of PokerStars Pro. 
Aside from poker, the Swedish player also has other interests. When he is not playing poker, chances are, he is horse-trotting. Thorson co-owns several horses back home in Valberg, Sweden. He enjoys playing sports and hanging out with friends.